Womenclan: Journal One

Womenclan's first print edition is here! Thank you for all your support so far.

Womenclan Journal has launched! Our stocks are currently being replenished online, coming to you shortly. Order here now.


Filled with new local and global content, WC's print copy features the words, photos, faces and stories of a diverse group of wāhine from Aotearoa and beyond.


Read interviews with Aotearoa divers, spear-fishers, skaters, designers and surfboard shapers. See the South Island's mountains, the remote coasts of Canada and Egypt's deserts with photo series from our contributing photographers. Read poems from young New Zealanders and Q&As from Baja, Mexico. 

If you're looking for an interesting and empowering female-centred 100+ page read (with no ads to interrupt stories), this is it. There is something for everyone in Womenclan. By purchasing a copy of Womenclan, you're supporting a 100% New Zealand-made heart and soul mission to give wāhine the space and representation they deserve in print media. 

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