Donate a copy of Womenclan Journal here to I Got Your Back Pack, an Aotearoa registered charity supporting survivors of domestic violence. 

Copies of Womenclan Journals purchased here will be dropped off directly to I Got Your Back Pack in Auckland each month, who will pack the journals in their bags. I Got Your Back Pack provides emergency care packs to New Zealanders who have left a domestic violence situation and are going through refuges, often without the chance or ability to pack and bring their belongings.


More than 10,000 packs have been provided so far across the country since the charity's beginnings. 

"It's the feeling of receiving something new of your own, when you’ve left everything behind. A storybook to read to your children when you’re putting them to bed in a strange place. A toothbrush to help make you feel a little bit normal. A message of understanding, hope and love. It’s these seemingly simple things which can make the world of difference." –  I Got Your Back Pack


Thank you for your support! You will be sent a PDF file acknowledging your donation. 

Donate a Womenclan Journal