The second edition of Womenclan is now yours to hold in your hands, just in time for summer. Inside you'll find women on Te Araroa trail, surfing mums and their daughters, and a gouache artist painting pieces of her homeland in dreamy pastels. There's quaint diorama scenes for you to pour over, tips on beekeeping and foraging, and an illustrated guide to goddesses across the world. 


This is a 100+ page issue you don't want to miss, with a bit of something for everyone. Womenclan features the words, photos, faces and stories of a diverse group of wahine from Aotearoa. We are proudly advertising-free. By purchasing a copy of Womenclan, you're supporting a 100% Aotearoa-made heart and soul mission to give women the space and representation they deserve in print media. We are printed locally in Christchurch.


Shipping times

Please allow 3-5 days for orders to arrive in Aotearoa, 10-14 days for Australia, and 14-28 days internationally. 


Womenclan: Journal Two