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"My parents gave me this little woollen tartan rug for Christmas. They wanted to get me something tartan because I use this material a lot when creating garments. The rugs usually have a little patch on them that says where, and sometimes when, they were made. My parents looked everywhere for a tartan rug, but they couldn’t find one in good condition. My nana had one that she received as a wedding gift when she married my poppa, so she gave that to my parents, who gave it to me for Christmas.

My grandparents didn’t really use the rug, it was just kept in a cupboard. It’s nice that it's in such good condition. Now I can use it and get some wear out of it. Over summer I’ve used the rug quite a lot, we’ve gone camping with it a few times. It’s the only thing I own of my poppa which is really special. My clothing brand (Frazier) is named after him. I didn’t have anything that belonged to him until I received this a couple of months ago."

What does sentimentality mean to you?
"I see it as like a physical object that holds an abstract idea, like a memory or a person. It’s something that you can look at and be reminded of another time or place. I’m not a very sentimental person in general, but I knew I wanted to pick this rug because the only person close to me I’ve lost is my grandad, and this is the only object I own that was his. This rug holds so much meaning. It’s the one object I own that holds so much weight." - Briana, Te Whanganui-a-tara/Wellington. Find her: (Interview: Chloe Mason)

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