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“This is a Le Creuset pot that I bought when my nana died. She passed away probably 20 years ago and left me some money to buy something significant with. So I bought this cast iron dutch oven. It’s a significant way to remember my nana. Every time I use it I think of her.

I’ve used it most days since I’ve had it, for something or other. For poaching quince, lots of big casseroles, big meat or lentil stews, coq au vin, beef bourguignon, lots of Julia Child’s recipes! I love it, everything I cook in there works really well. I’ve spent my whole life cooking, that’s what my job and life has been up until the last two years. Most of my time has been spent in the kitchen, cooking for my family or my job. This pot would always sit on my big double oven and became an essential part of my kitchen.

Sentimentality represents something that you hold close and dear. It reminds you of that person and all the things you did with that person. My grandparents never showed much affection, but I have lots of little memories with them. They’d take us grandkids for a walk every evening up into the limestone rocks and we’d all make little huts together. My grandad used to take me out fishing in his little boat. I also have the cast iron frying pan that once belonged to my other grandmother. I like cooking with it on an open fire, everything always tastes delicious, and it helps me remember all the food that my grandmothers used to cook for us.” – Fiona, Golden Bay, Tākaka (Interview: Chloe Mason)

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