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“My mum and dad designed this necklace and had it made in Charleston (on the South Island’s West Coast, where I grew up) about two years ago. It’s pieced together with glass they found on the beach, pounamu (that’s the little surfboard), pāua, and a mother of pearl shell.

I think its sentimental value is rooted in that fact it’s just so thought out, and that they found all the materials on the beach together. It represents what I love. Mum knows I love nikau palms and surfing, and that meant so much that she knew what I valued. It was really surprising because my parents aren’t necessarily like that – super sentimental – with gift giving, but this felt deep. They’d never given me a present like this before. It hung as a little safety charm in my car for a while, then I kept it in my room. I don’t really have any jewellery passed down from family members, so this is special. I can say ‘they made this’, and how cool is that? I think parents sometimes know what you like, but often they don’t. This was special, because it felt like confirmation that they do know me.” - Nikki, Tairāwhiti/Gisborne (Interview: Nicole Barratt) Find Nikki: @namiko_native_design

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